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19 Dec 2014

Islam is the oldest religions in this universe which first time disclose the reality of this world that this world is temporary and everything present in it will come to end one day and after that life there is a permanent life only those people who live their life according to the will of GOD will go to paradise and those who go opposite their reward is only shame and punishment. Firstly enemies of Islam deny all these things but now scientist of west even proved that environmental changes in this world shows that life on earth is temporary.

This Article focuses on that too much attraction towards material comfort will lead us to commit sins and also become the causes of many problems in our daily.

Material Comfort Vs Eternal Happiness:

In this advanced world by seeing too much glamour on media other social networks every tries to get as much material comfort as he can. For that some of us cross the limits by committing grave sins. It is because we are drowned in this world we all know that this world is temporary but are acting as that we don’t know about anything. All these things becoming the cause many problems increasingly arising in our daily routine like depression cases, killing to get money of brother, parent etc. The reason is that they don’t have strong faith on ALLAH and all those who don’t have strong faith on ALLAH how they will answer the questions on judgment day.

On the other hand people who do good things and live their life according to the will of GOD like Quran recitation with Tajweed as ALLAH commanded in Surah Muzammil to recite Quran with tarteel, offer 5 time prayer, do their routine work honesty, don’t have any greed or bad eye to get something in a wrong way their heart is loaded with spiritual happiness. When they face any problem they don’t shout. It is because they have strong faith on ALLAH and they know ALLAH knows better which thing is better for them and they also know that all these material comforts is only for two days. These are the people whose destination is Jannah which is permanent.

Now it is upon you to judge which type of peoples are better.


As we know this life is temporary and too much attraction in this world is not advantageous for us. So it is necessary to start preparing for after life questions from today because death will never take anyone permission before coming.


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